Argentina’s OmbuShop Adds Bitcoin Payment Option for 2,000 Merchants

ombushop adds bitcoin payment option for 2000 shops

OmbuShop has announced a new partnership that will allow two thousand merchants in Latin America to add bitcoin as a payment option for their online stores.

Founded in 2011, the e-commerce website provider primarily caters to clothing and accessory merchants. OmbuShop is based in Argentina, but serves Colombia, Spain, Mexico and Chile.

Payment gateways in Argentina are less evolved than popular international options such as PayPal and Stripe. Notably, under an amendment passed in 2012, Argentinian consumers are barred from using PayPal.

OmbuShop has raised more than US$ 40,000 in funding to date, netting the capital from Start-Up Chile, a Chilean government backed investment fund aimed at attracting high potential entrepreneurs to Chile.

To launch bitcoin payments, OmbuShop partnered with Argentina based bitcoin merchant processor BitPagos.

Like Shopify, OmbuShop lets merchants set up online storefronts by registering with the website, uploading products and customizing their design. Ombushop offers 15days of free trial of its services.

In addition to bitcoin, OmbuShop accepts Argentine pesos, Colombian pesos, Chilean pesos, euros, Mexican pesos and US dollars.

Argentina’s OmbuShop Adds Bitcoin Payment Option for 2,000 Merchants

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