Bitcoin News Updates 13th August 2014

bitgo bitcoin news update

Bitcoin News Updates 13th August 2014

Today major part of bitcoin news is positive except bitcoin price index. During last 24 hours bitcoin price index continued to go down southwards and currently trading around US$549 per bitcoin.

Money20/20 Announces Bitcoin Promotion and Hackathon

Money20/20 is entering its third year in a big way. As one of the leading financial-anything events in the industry, Money20/20 attracts thousands of attendees from the biggest companies in the industry. Though Money20/20 is a payments and financial services conference first and foremost, the innovative properties of Bitcoin have unquestionably become a significant part of said industry.

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Ratings Firm Coinist Tackles Trust Problem with Bitcoin 2.0 Projects

So-called Bitcoin 2.0 technologies – those bitcoin-inspired software applications that bypass financial middlemen and allow almost any asset to be digitized and traded over a decentralized computer network – are encouraging an explosion in new digital currencies, tokens and crypto-securities. The problem for investors is that this proliferation of “alt-coins” raises a dilemma that bitcoin and its imitators were supposed to overcome: who do you trust?

Enter Coinist, which this week launched a beta version of its new service to rate firms, currencies and digital assets in the expanding Bitcoin 2.0 industry.

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LakeBTC Exchange Lets Users Bypass Bank Transfers with Ripple

Shanghai-based exchange LakeBTC says it has taken a step towards bypassing the delays and costs associated with international transfers by becoming a Ripple gateway.

Previously, users around the world wired fiat money to LakeBTC’s account directly. However, they may now deposit funds with a Ripple gateway in their local area in any currency, and transfer it to a LakeBTC USD account via the Ripple network instead. The same applies to withdrawals.

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Creditor Extension Delays Mt. Gox Investigation by 6 Months

The Japanese bankruptcy trustee handling the Mt. Gox case has announced a six-month extension for creditors to register claims.

Nobuaki Kobayashi’s decision also means there will be an additional six months before any formal investigation into the bankrupt exchange is completed.

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Bitcoin Foundation Selects BitGo Enterprise as Financial Management Platform

The Bitcoin Foundation announced today that it will use BitGo’s Enterprise product to better manage its financial operations.

Having the Bitcoin Foundation as a customer represents increased momentum and acceptance for the multi-signature wallet provider, chief executive and co-founder Will O’Brien told CoinDesk.

The Foundation conducts the majority of its financial transactions in bitcoin, he explained, including payroll, technical grants and other activities. BitGo will provide them financial and management tools to more effectively scale internal treasury control.

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Rakuten US Subsidiary Begins Accepting Bitcoin

Rakuten Super Logistics, an order logistics company owned by Japan-based e-commerce giant Rakuten, has begun accepting bitcoin payments for its shipping services.

The integration comes nearly a month after speculation began that the e-commerce company could soon leverage bitcoin as a payment method. In July, CEO Hiroshi Mikitani said in a speech that he believes Rakuten will adopt bitcoin “sooner or later”.

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Viacoin Team Implements Smart Contract Protocol Built on Altcoin Block Chain

The first decentralized smart contracts protocol built on top of an altcoin block chain is now live.

ClearingHouse, a descendent of Counterparty, was created by the team behind viacoin and has been in active development since the alt first launched last month. The team has attracted top talent in the bitcoin space, most notably Bitcoin Core developer and Coinkite advisor Peter Todd who has been hired to work on his Tree Chains concept.

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First Data: Gyft Deal Will Help Us Evaluate Bitcoin

Traditional payments giant First Data sent a ripple through the bitcoin community last month when the company announced it had acquired mobile gift card provider and long-time bitcoin industry advocate Gyft as part of a deal with undisclosed terms.

Following the announcement, bitcoin’s vibrant reddit community was quick to begin speculating as to what the news could mean for Gyft’s long-popular service and what, if anything, the acquisition inferred about First Data‘s interest in the bitcoin space.

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Bitcoin Lender BTCJam Reports No Customer Funds Lost in Hack

BTCJam has suffered an apparent security breach that affected an unknown number of users.

The peer-to-peer lender was quick to reassure its clients that no bitcoins had been lost from their accounts. A spokesperson said the incident was the result of a hack at its email provider, which allowed the attacker to access funds belonging to customers with low security settings.

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Bitcoin News Updates 13th August 2014

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