BTC China Launches iOS Apps, Reduces Fees

btc china bitcoin ios app

Exchange BTC China has relaunched the iOS version of its mobile exchange app, called just ‘BTC China’, globally on Apple’s App Shop.

In addition, an iOS version of the business’s wallet and person-to-person bitcoin trading app ‘Picasso’ is likewise waiting for approval by Apple, and will feature lowered sending charges.

The brand-new iOS exchange app is mostly aimed at traders and has all the functions currently provide in BTC China’s cross-platform HTML5-based offering, which was launched in late July.

These consist of live candlestick, market depth and trade history charts, and user interface improvements including an upgraded trading user interface and a dark, more eye-friendly theme. The app supports 3 currency trading pairs: BTC/CNY, LTC/CNY, and LTC/BTC.

While the more recent Picasso app awaits approval, the BTC China exchange app consists of a link to the present variation.

Picasso is the exchange’s wallet app with a focus on regular spending. It likewise showcases an integrated ‘sell for cash’ feature that enables daily individuals, company owner and shopkeepers to fulfil similar functions to bitcoin ATMs without requiring additional hardware.

The apps users have access to live price charts and can set their own trading commissions to sell bitcoins for cash.

It can take up to 3 weeks for a mobile app to be accepted for addition in the iOS App Establishment, with Apple likewise deciding where nations’ establishments it may be sold.

To accompany the release of Picasso for iOS, BTC China has actually decreased transaction fee. Starting 11th August, the fee for sending out bitcoin to an external address from a user’s Picasso wallet has actually been decreased to 0.0001 BTC (about 5 US cents at the time of publication) per transaction– down from 0.0005 BTC per transaction.

Sending bitcoin to other Picasso accounts remains totally free, with the funds being transferred immediately.

In addition, to speed up the user experience, only two confirmations are required for bitcoins to be sent to a user’s Picasso address from an external address. Formerly, the app needed 5 confirmations.

BTC China Launches iOS Apps, Reduces Fees

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