Coinbase Release Coinbase Tip code and WordPress Plugin

coinbase tip

coinbase tip

Coinbase Release Coinbase Tip code and WordPress Plugin

Leading bitcoin wallet provider coinbase releases coinbase tip code for websites and WordPress Plugin for wordpress CMS users making bitcoin tipping easier.

Coinbase Tip can be used to unlock new revenue streams like

  • Send proceeds directly to your favorite charity
  • Use a pay-what-you-want model to monetize
  • Crowdfund your next idea

Coinbase announcement on its blog reads..

“We released the tip button two weeks ago and it is now being used by thousands of creators from around the world on their own sites as well as on platforms such as Svbtle and Zapchain. Creators are using the button to make money directly from their audiences and support their favorite charities. It’s been exciting to see the creativity the button has spawned thus far, and we look forward to seeing what the WordPress community does with the button!”

coinbase tip wordpress plugin

You can download or install Coinbase Tip wordpress plugin from official wordpress plugin repository. we have integrated coinbase tip on this website. You can see button on top of the post.

Coinbase Users can also create code for their websites from code generator page located at Coinbase Tip Page.

Coinbase Release Coinbase Tip code and WordPress Plugin

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